If we accept that centralization is bad in software then why do we still build hardware that way? #vonNeumannArchitecture #TweetContent

Future of Coding (Future of Coding)

Are you looking for the real computer revolution? Join the club! Future of Coding is a community, podcast, and research project organized by Steve Krouse.

Can’t stop listening to back issues of https://futureofcoding.org/#episodes turns out @stevekrouse is a great filter for people I find interesting in tech #FutureOfCoding #TweetContent

First adventure in Tweeting via #IFTTT with blog as source of truth. If you’re reading this on Twitter I’m doing something right! (Thanks again, @m_ott) #TweetContent

Here’s my first shot at a quill-post for unused-for-almost-a-decade blog. Thanks @m_ott for the inspiration via https://matthiasott.com/articles/into-the-personal-website-verse