Every professor–certainly every engineering professor I have ever had–should go to this. The event is advertised here (unfortunately no permalink to the event) and discussed here. The theme underscores, in my opinion, one of the greatest failures of Western post-secondary education: students are allowed to, and sometimes even encouraged, to “work the system of evuation” instead of “striving for excellence and pursuing knowledge”.

One thought on “Presidents’ Colloquium on Teaching and Learning

  1. You have indeed highlighted the theme of the Learning about Teaching events. This year’s event picks up on last year’s discussion of student motivation and the ways in which students are (and are perhaps encouraged to be) ‘strategic learners’ rather than choosing deeper learning strategies. I anticipate Gary Poole will nudge our thinking about what we can do as educators to address this issue.
    Thanks for promoting what we think will be an exceptional talk about a hot topic – and in case you or colleagues are interested, there are still spaces for the Tuesday morning workshop (sign up via web hotlink you list).

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